Why you should use a Migration Agent

Applying for a Visa can be a daunting and anxiety provoking task. Applying for some visas can be relatively straight forward, such as a holiday visa however other visa applications can be incredibly complicated and require an in-depth knowledge of the specific countries laws and visa processes.

 Save time and money

By working with an experienced Migration Agent you can save time and money by avoiding making mistakes and getting an outcome faster.

Sometimes small things can have a huge impact on your visa outcome. If you are submitting an application for a visa by yourself or making your application with reference to what you have read or by what a friend did in their case, the chances are you will make a mistake. And some mistakes can have terrible consequences, such as a refusal or a considerably lengthy delay.

Australia has its own legislations and policy in immigration.  The legislations and policy determine the complexity and depth of information required to ascertain if an applicant reaches the minimum set of requirements and if the visa applied can be ultimately granted.

As you can imagine it is not the intention of any immigration department to make a visa application complex or difficult, although it may feel like it at times.

However, form filling is only one aspect of the visa application process, if you don’t meet the requirements set by the visa you wish to apply for, you may be just filling in visa applications with no chance of obtaining a visa.

Avoid mistakes and traps

By working with a Migration Agent you avoid mistakes and your visa will hopefully be approved faster, since we know what documents will streamline your result. Naturally if you provide the Department of Immigration and Border Protection with all the forms and supporting documents required, (it is often called a decision-ready application), your application will be processed faster without any unnecessary delay.

The problem can be that even a small error in terminology or incorrect interpretation can have a significant effect on the validity of a visa application, remember it is not the job of the Department of Immigration to check and assist a visa applicant in their visa

application. One error, however small, could leave you with an invalid application (which will be simply returned to you as it will not be even considered by the Department of Immigration) or the visa being refused.

It is important to remember that the Department of Immigration do change their immigration laws and requirements when they see fit, which can mean that you may meet the requirements for a successful visa application on one day and not be eligible for the same visa the next.

Receive objective assessment

 An applicant cannot always be expected to have the knowledge of particular migration laws, policy or visa processes and requirements.

Individual circumstances such as education, age, health, family, criminal record and more are usually taken into consideration by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection particularly with permanent resident visas.

By consulting an expert you will receive a clear and objective visa assessment result, a visa strategy that has been tested and is straightforward, and clear instructions about what documents are needed. If you send us the material we can prepare your application and lodge it for you, so you would not have any hassles.

Skill and Strategies

By using an experienced Migration Agent, you will have access to in-depth knowledge and strategies based on the experience and skill that only Migration Agents have, due to years of experience working with visa applications as well as having access to legislation databases that the general public doesn’t have.

A skilled Migration Agent is able to assist you and guide you through the various different types of visas that may suit your circumstances and provided you with up to date information on immigration requirements and laws.

In addition to providing you with up to date information on the visa requirements, Migration Agents can complete the required paper work on your behalf and often lodge the application for you which can shorten the time before obtaining your visa.

If your circumstances mean that you are unable to obtain the visa you want, a Migration Agent can provide you with other avenues or bridging visa options that you may wish to consider allowing you to obtain the visa you originally wanted at a later date.

Fees are usually determined based on the type of visa and the depth of services required for such assistance.


All Migration Agents operating in Australia must be registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), are required to have a sound knowledge of migration law and procedure and must abide by a very strict code of conduct when dealing with their clients and with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

To be registered, an agent has to demonstrate that they have deep knowledge of the laws and regulations of Australian Immigration by successfully completing a PostGraduation course in Immigration Law.

If you need more information or if you need assistance or advice on how to proceed please call us on on 07 3281 6644 or email mail@powerlegal.com.au.